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 🍓 Ashanna

Strawberry Spa Zone LLC

Strawberry Spa Zone online is presenting you with homemade skin care products. Our organic and natural based products give your skin a new, healthy and enhancing glow. 


Ashanna created Strawberry Spa Zone during the pandemic lock down. Throughout the first months of being home-bodied/quarantined, she started to create little experiments to pass time. Then, she introduced her work to her mom and dad, of course since its made of all natural ingredients, she was encouraged to start using her products. She started noticing enhanced skin glow and was very proud.

Since then, her family and friends have been supporting her, and Strawberry Spa Zone  is expanding more and more each day. She is still creating and experimenting on products,and looking forward to building her empire and making more customers happy.




Ashanna is also a grade A student, she is on the cheerleading team, she loves the violin and piano, she loves to read book series, she loves to travel, and she appreciates her family.

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